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Proven best practices for successful software development.

Tarmac 10

Our clients work with us because we are highly skilled experts who launch and scale up web and mobile apps quickly and efficiently.

We know our clients value our dedication to launching with speed, quality, transparent processes, and open communication. These are the core elements of "The Tarmac 10,” our proven best practice for top quality, no-stress software development.

These outcome-driven, effective practices mitigate risk throughout the development lifecycle, no matter the scale of the project.


Single-purpose branches ensure one change per branch.

  • Small changes are easier to manage, ensuring quality control
  • Code can be tested quickly and effectively
  • The codebase is always stabilized, even with multiple contributors and a high rate of change

Common code style that ensures a consistent approach everyone can follow.

  • Clean code is easier to read, maintain and build upon
  • Clarity and efficiency make our teams happier and more productive

Rigorous mandatory automated tests at every stage helps to avoid problems later on.

  • Unit tests reduces mistakes and speeds up development
  • Developers "own" the quality of the code
  • A consistent peer review system with fresh sets of eyes on every change

Continuous integration (CI) accelerates product development and mitigates the risk of bugs.

  • All contributors have access to test outcomes and project progress
  • Clear communication across the team enables streamlined launch
  • Clients can confidently push products live quickly and efficiently

Pull requests are a shared responsibility that ensure exceptional product quality.

  • Our teams share expertise and develop faster
  • Client teams benefit from Tarmac's proven best practices
  • Impeccable version control reduces the risk of errors

Mandatory internal and external peer reviews ensures product quality

  • Our teams learn, adapt and improve as we execute on projects
  • Code defects are spotted early, avoiding bugs when they go live
  • Clients love interacting with our teams and collegial spirit

Code repository hygiene creates seamless development across teams.

  • We don't waste our client's time or resources working on irrelevant code
  • We ensure code is easily understood by all parties
  • Clients are provided top quality code ready for future development

Continuous delivery. To keep your products ahead of the competition.

  • One change per branch speeds up enhancement delivery
  • Less software downtime or periods of poor user-experience
  • Your products remain a joy to use, keeping customers close

Daily status emails maintain momentum and clarity.

  • You can report upwards on the project with confidence
  • By communicating clearly and openly, we overcome challenges quickly
  • We communicate efficiently across teams, speeding up development and promoting innovation

Daily "stand-ups". Quality time together, at your convenience.

  • Daily stand-ups ensure regular and purposeful communication
  • Speak to the team - every day
  • Understand and resolve blockers quickly
  • Keep the project moving

Let's team up!

Tarmac acquires SaaS company Usetrace to increase software quality through use of enhanced automation technology.
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