Tarmac's understanding of our needs was apparent right from our initial meeting, where the interaction felt like a genuine conversation among peers rather than a sales pitch. Furthermore, Tarmac has consistently impressed us with their comprehensive understanding of PCI DSS and its implications across every part of our infrastructure.

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The challenge - Cloud Migration for applications in PCI-DSS scope

Before partnering with Tarmac, this company housed their products and environments on on-premises servers. Their understanding and utilization of cloud technologies were limited, despite recognizing the necessity of transitioning to the cloud for quicker service deployments and the flexibility to manage PCI scope. Faced with mounting competition and the imperative to stay agile in a dynamic market landscape, they sought expert guidance to streamline their upcoming infrastructure.

Solution - Seamless transformation

Tarmac’s experience working with PCI-DSS in the Cloud (AWS) proved to be the right solution. Tarmac’s team focused on streamlining all the processes of creating and managing the infrastructure with code (Terraform) and setting up automated deployments via CI/CD. Additionally, Tarmac’s team followed all the security and architectural best practices, like the principle of least privilege and AWS well-architected framework, along with a multi-account strategy.

Results - Driving growth and security

Together we unlocked new possibilities and have elevated their service offerings. All the points mentioned above have enabled this company to build, scale, and manage its PCI-scoped infrastructure and products in the cloud with ease and speed up those processes significantly. They have now passed 3 PCI-DSS audits for 2 different products with flying colors.

The work done in the Cloud combined with all the best practices used in the deployments has enabled their team to pass these audits while receiving praise from the auditor itself on how well everything has been built and how much easier the job was while reviewing and auditing the infrastructure.


Rapid Growth

With cloud-enabled DevOps, they have achieved faster product launches and updates that enable them to capture new market opportunities and drive business growth.

Simplified Compliance

This cloud-based infrastructure reduced the complexity of PCI compliance and provided some valuable resources and time for strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Security

Adhering to best practices and the multi-account strategy strengthened their security posture, safeguarding customer data and trust.

Improved Customer Experience

The agility of the cloud operations fostered improved services and provided a seamless and secure payment experience.

Conclusion - Revolutionising payments

This was a transformative experience that empowered this industry leader to embrace the Cloud, streamline operations, and exceed compliance standards. They have solidified their position as a market leader and are proving how cloud-enabled DevOps can revolutionise payment processing and customer experience.

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